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Purusha Yoga Teacher Training is not just about teaching. Many choose this path as a means of experiencing and exploring the many facets of Yoga in a deeper and more meaningful way. The Tree of Classic Yoga is vast and beautiful, encompassing a holistic network of branches that invite each student to explore inwardly and discover the world’s truths. These truths have been rediscovered for generations, and within each of us there is a vast knowledge. Every truth we realize in our own hearts will be the only real treasures we have to give others.

Purusha Yoga is a holistic and integrative school. All of our programs include the 8 limbs of Raja and Hatha yoga. We believe that the heart of yoga is in the definition of the word yoga itself: to yoke, to connect, to join. We invite you to make connections between the philosophy of yoga and your own ideas of the world around you.

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