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"I am currently in Yoga Illumined teacher training, and I cannot say enough great things about it!!! There is so much depth to this training! I have learned more about all the pieces that make up yoga than I knew existed. Sumukhi and Zoe do a fantastic job of teaching and having each trainee explore just what yoga means to them and really find their own voice! Truly amazing!"

Stacey G. (Austin, TX)

"Yoga Illumined is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Zoe & Sumukhi have much to offer, including expertise on alignment in asanas and an insight into yoga philosophy and real-world, practical applications of the Yoga Sutras. With just 3 months to go, I am saddened that the year is coming to an end, but also excited about what is to come! I highly recommend Yoga Illumined if you are seeking more spiritual depth and understanding in your yoga practice! The weekend sessions are a joy, and the homework and guidebooks are invaluable tools that I will refer back to for years to come. If you are considering a yoga teacher training, this one is a golden opportunity that is well worth the monetary investment and personal commitment."

Ginger A. (Austin, TX)

"Yoga Illumined Teacher Training is an amazing opportunity to LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE with the practice of yoga. Sumukhi and Zoe guide you deeply inward and hold a beautiful container for reflection, realization and transformation. Whether you are planning to teach or not, this experience is rich and deliciously nourishing to your whole being. Somewhere in the midst of chanting sutras with Sumukhi and refining alignment with Zoe, your heart will be opened and softened, your will power strengthened and your curiosity and joy renewed."

Kristin S. (Austin, TX)

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